Seoul Scholarship Foundation

Low-Income Scholarship

Seoul Scholarship Foundation is receiving scholarship fund donated by different donors and groups, discovering students requiring support of scholarship so low-income family's students should not give up studying due to their worries of school expenses.

Our Children's Hope Scholarship

Our Children's Hope Scholarship is operated by small donor's scholarship fund, learnfare to help middle, high school and university students in an educational blind spot that should give up studying unfortunately due to sudden crisis of family.

Blue Dream and Hope Scholarship

Blue Dream and Hope Scholarship is a learnfare that funds through waste cell phone collected by school and to help elementary, middle and high school students from low-income grandparents and family's in economic crisis.

119 Hope and Dream Scholarship

119 Hope and Dream Scholarship, donated by Seoul Seodaemund fire fighters, is a learnfare to select excellent high school students from low-income family in Seodamun-gu and to provide them with scholarship.

Citi-KOSBI female CEO Scholarship

Citi-KOSBI female CEO Scholarship is a learnfare for future woman leader and provided a valuable scholarship fund to students graduated from City Cosby woman academy that is proceeded by Small Business Research Institute.

Dream Tree Scholarship

Dream Tree Scholarship is a valuable scholarship collected by Doosan Donga executives and staff for elementary school students from lower income family and from family in crisis.