Seoul Scholarship Foundation

We truly give you all visiting to Seoul Scholarship Foundation.

Everyone obviously has a privilege to receive education.

Whether they have the economic means or no, every parent naturally would want their children to receive a quality education and to be grown up as talent needed by society. However, the phenomenon of wealth inheritance in which parents' economic position is transferred to their children's educational and social success is increasingly getting worse. As can be seen from various research reports, the movement of social status has been gradually slowed by the educational gap that it increasingly has become difficult to hear 'rise from humble family'.

Education should be a fair place for providing everyone with the same opportunity. Children with personal abilities and special talents should not give up the right to receive education for economic reasons. That's because education is the privilege of which all people ought to receive.

Seoul Scholarship Foundation is tendering its service for low-income family's students to receive their education needed and trying to help any children without educational support out of blind spot, with scholarship combined by Seoul citizen's valuable tax and by the true heart of all ranks and classes.

As expressed in the phrase ¡®The most valuable investment is made in people¡¯, we, executive and staffs of Seoul Scholarship Foundation, will constantly run for Seoul's future talents to receive sufficient education and study as much as they want.

Mi-ran Mun
The Chairperson of Seoul Scholarship Foundation